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ViacomCBS Sets Paramount Plus Prices at $4.99 and $9.99 a Month

Paramount Plus
(Image credit: ViacomCBS)

ViacomCBS said that it will be pricing Paramount Plus at $4.99 a month for an ad supported version and $9.99 a month for an ad free version.

The $4.99 price is lower than CBS All Access’s $5.99 a month price for the version with ads. The premium price is the same.

Tom Ryan, who heads ViacomCBS’s streaming operations, said the premium version will also offer a broader selection of shows, movies and live sports.

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The premium product will launch March 4. The basic product will launch in June. It will have NFL football, all of the Paramount Plus original programming, and all CBS programming on demand, but will not have the live linear CBS feed that CBS All Access has.

Ryan also said that the company was going to offer bundles of Paramount Plus with the company’s other premium direct-to-consumer services, including Showtime and BET Plus.

The company also has a “Super Funnel” strategy  that will guide viewers from the free service Pluto TV to its subscription services.

A Showtime channel on Pluto TV has let viewers sample shows and convert them to subscribers.

A similar Paramount Plus channel will be added to Pluto, Ryan said.

The company is also looking to add buttons to its services that will let users add additional services with a click.