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Uncovering Tyra

Supermodels rarely show their true skin, preferring the cover of makeup and air brushing that makes them look picture perfect.

Tyra Banks -- a self-proclaimed "makeup-aholic"-- has been no exception,
but that has changed now that she's getting ready to launch a syndicated
daily talk show, which Warner Bros. has targeted for a September launch.

Banks is betting viewers will be able to better identify with her if
she comes down from the walkway and shows that she's not so extraordinary
looking  when she removes her makeup or is in photos that haven't been
digitally enhanced.

In a segment from the show's pilot, Tyra removes all her makeup. When she comes back onto the set, she looks like a different woman. People who have seen the tape describe her as being anything from fairly plain to bordering on homely.

And it turns out that Banks isn't as thin as she looks in recent

During the pilot, she shows viewers what photos to promote the show America's Next Top Model look like before they're airbrushed. Her legs look about 40 percent thicker without digital slimming.

So far, a handful of stations have committed to carrying The Tyra Banks show. Warner Bros has yet to announce that it's signed a major television group, though officials say they're working on it and hope to have an announcement soon.

The show's fortunes got a big boost on Monday with the endorsement of Katz Television Group.

The rep firm advises 350 stations around the country on which programs to carry.

Katz Vice President Bill Carroll says he was impressed by the sales tape for The Tyra Banks Show, which includes the clips of Tyra without her makeup as well as segments on relationships, a discussion about the impact of the war on families of U.S. soldiers, and an interview with Will Smith.

The Tyra Banks Show is the only new syndicated show that Katz is endorsing in an annual report that it releases each year in the weeks before the NATPE programming convention.