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Fox Touts XQuest

Fox is high on its latest reality show, a sort of Big Brother, if your big brother was ET.

Fox is hoping new reality show Xquest will be its ticket to the suddenly-hot world of science-fiction television and expects the show to be ready for next summer.

The series, produced with Imagine Entertainment and the executive producer of video game blockbuster hit, Halo, will feature two teams of contestants living and competing in “biocrafts” that simulate the experience of space travel. The show will have an elimination format.

Liguori said that Fox is very interested in getting into the sci-fi genre, which it once was a leader in with The X-Files. “We are looking for great shows and Xquest might be our next swing at the plate in that arena,” he said.

Liguori also said the show fits well into his summer strategy.  “This is not something you fire up quickly. Right now the timing might be summer,” he said.

“We need to specifically develop for summer, and this show feels right for summer.  It’s big and noisy and like the extension of a big summer movie. I think it could really work.”

Not surprisingly, givne the Halo connection, Fox execs also said plans call for the development of an ancillary video game component.