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Dan Rather's New Digs Are in the Bush League

When he left CBS News last June after 44 years, Dan Rather leapt right into a new news gig at HDNet and never looked back.

But if the former Evening News anchor was looking to

forget about the flawed 2004 report on President Bush’s National Guard service that led to his ignominious departure from the network, he might have picked a different address to set up shop.

"One of the guys [on my team] had located a space," Rather told B&C in an interview last week. "And he says to me, ‘I want to recommend it, but there’s a problem.’

"I’m thinking: What, no high-speed Internet or construction?

"Finally, he spits it out: ‘It’s called the Bush Building.’"

The 29-story Gothic tower on 42nd St., just off Times Square, is named for Irving T. Bush, who founded the Bush Terminal Co. and has no known relationship to the president’s family.

Rather acknowledged the irony with good humor and greenlighted the space.

And despite his prior run-ins with the Bush family (remember that heated exchange with Bush 41 back in 1988?), he says it’s too early to rule on W.’s presidency—a subject he recently tackled for Dan Rather Reports on HDNet.

Says Rather, "I’ve been around long enough to know that a lot of presidents are judged better in retrospect than during their time in office."