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CARU Asks LEGO To Modify TV Ads

LEGO may have been raising "unatainable expectations" among kids with its TV ads for its LEGO Racers.

That's according to the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Better Business Bureau.

LEGO says it will take the criticism into account (CARU has no enforcement authority beyond referring unadressed complaints to the Federal Trade Commission.

The ad industry has voluntary guidelines for advertising to kids that include that the ads "should not mislead children about product or performance characteristics."

CARU says that though the LEGO ads show some little hands-on operation, most of the toys are performing stunts "without any sort of special set-up. CARU believes that this gives the impression that the Racers perform stunts with ease and simply when placed on the ground by a child." 

What CARU wants LEGO to do is "feature adequate amounts of product play and clearly distinguish these from footage using special production techniques.  Additionally, any future advertising should include clear demonstration of method of operation for the toys."