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Bill Cosby: The Osbournes are sad

Comedian and sitcom star Bill Cosby takes a swipe at MTV: Music Television cult favorite The Osbournes on Thursday's Access

He calls the show and the family "sad" and implies that it's not the kind of TV
programming normal people would want in their living rooms.

"Let me tell you something about Ozzy Osbourne," Cosby tells Access
;s Shaun Robinson. "First of all, all of you [media] need to stop
with this Ozzy Osbourne. This is a sad, sad family; it is a sad case. The
children are sad and the parents are sad. And this is not entertainment. I'm
telling you that [the show] is a sad thing, it's like laughing at Tiny Tim. It
is the kind of entertainment that you look at, but you wouldn't want it in your
home. And I don't like to look at things like that."