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WWE Suspends Two Over Performance-Enhancing Drugs

World Wrestling Entertainment suspended two of its wrestlers for violating the company’s substance-abuse and drug-testing policy.

Derrick Neikirk and Neil Bzibziak, wrestlers in Florida Championship Wrestling, a WWE subsidiary, were suspended for violating the policy. Specific information was not released.

WWE has been under intense scrutiny over performance-enhancing drugs since wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before taking his own life, with some placing the blame on steroids -- a claim the WWE denied.

WWE instituted a new drug-testing program shortly thereafter and ended up suspending a number of wrestlers at the end of the summer for using banned substances, although it declined to name names.

Under the policy, WWE tests performers at least four times per year and mandates a 30-day suspension without pay for the first violation and a 60-day suspension for the second infraction. Performers are fired if they test positive for illegal substances three times.