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NewFronts: Vizio Talks Data-Driven Content and Addressable Advertising

A sceen from Vizio's NewFront presentation
(Image credit: Vizio)

Vizio’s virtual NewFront presentation Monday focuses on how the smart TV set maker is using its viewership data to create personalized channels with original and branded content, and advanced advertising opportunities including addressable advertising.

It’s the first time the TV-set maker has participated in the NewFronts. 

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Vizio is introducing present Vizio Features which provides viewers with targeted content, starting with the gaming and eSport and hip hop categories. Vizio plans to expand into comedy, do-it-yourself, true crime and LGBTQ programming.

The targeted content offers advertisers an engaged audience, Adam Bergman, VP of sales for Vizio said.

Vizio also unveiled Vizio Connect, which allows advertisers to retarget consumers who have seen one of their commercials on a Vizio set with follow-up ads on mobile devices, laptops or other streaming devices within the household. 

Last week Vizio announced a deal with Verizon that will enhance the ability of advertisers to target multi-platform campaigns.

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Vizio, like Roku, Samsung, LG and some other set makers, is looking to make money by selling data and targeted advertising, in addition to selling home electronics hardware. The strategy is ripe as more viewers cut the cord, ad-supported streaming is hot and advertisers seek data that tells them where the viewers they want to reach are going.

Vizio’s Inscape unit has been selling data for years and it has been adding free, ad-supported channels to its SmartCast operating system.

"Vizio enters this year's IAB NewFronts with amazing growth and momentum across our Platform Plus Business. We are committed to creating the best consumer experience for the millions of customers who turn on our TV’s everyday,” said Bergman. “We own the hardware, the operating system, and the data flowing through our platform which allows Vizio to drive great experiences for viewers and deliver innovative solutions for advertisers and our content partners.

Adam Gaynor, VP of network partnerships and head of addressable, will discuss how Vizio is rolling out a sizable footprint of addressable-enabled TVs. Through the project OAR initiative, Vizio is working with other companies to make additional national and local inventory addressable to help brands connect with their audiences.

Vizio is also offering advertisers Universal Frequency Control, to make sure consumers see an advertisers message the optimal amount of times per day, week or month. It is also offering a True Incremental Reach product to measure the number of viewers who are seeing ads on the Vizio platform who don’t watch broadcast or cable TV.