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Pocket.Watch Making ‘Toys and Colors In Kaleidoscope City’ Into Kids Franchise

Toys and Colors in Kaleidoscope City
Toys and Colors is already popular on YouTube (Image credit:, which aims to turn social media sensations into entertainment franchises, said it is working with Toys and Colors, a group whose YouTube channels have 65.5 million subscribers. 

A franchise called Kaleidoscope City will launch in spring 2022, starting with an original series that combines live action and animation entitled Toys and Colors in Kaleidoscope City. Production of the series is underway.

Kaleidoscope City will also move into games and consumer product licensing.

Toys and Color features an ensemble cast of Asian-American youngsters. Kaleidoscope City is a magical world of color and the franchise aims to highlight diversity, conflict management and empathy.

“We are thrilled to partner with the incredible ensemble of Toys and Colors and we are so excited to introduce Kaleidoscope City as our next global kids and family franchise. This partnership reinforces our mission to bring kids more of what they love and to ensure that kids around the world see themselves in,” said Kerry Tucker, chief marketing and franchise officer of’s first franchise turned Ryan’s Toys Review from YouTube into Ryan’s World, which is available in more than 80 territories with a flagship show Ryan’s Mystery Playdate in its fourth season on Nickelodeon. Other franchises  are Love, Diana and Onyx Monster Mysteries.

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Former Nickelodeon executive Albie Hecht, now chief content officer for, is creating the Toys and Colors in Kaleidoscope City series. 

“We are so excited to join as their partners in becoming the next big global franchise for kids and families,” said Tim Nguyen of Toys and Colors. “After seeing what has done with brands like Ryan’s World and Love, Diana, and hearing about their incredible plans for Kaleidoscope City, we can’t wait to bring this new franchise to our fans all over the world.”