John Wilson Promises ‘Crazy Trip’ in ‘How To’ Final Season

How To With John Wilson on HBO
(Image credit: HBO)

The third and final season of docuseries How To With John Wilson, which sees Wilson shoot offbeat street scenes around New York, debuts on HBO July 28. There are six episodes. 

HBO notes, “John Wilson continues his heartfelt mission of self-discovery, exploration, and observation as he films the lives of his fellow New Yorkers while attempting to give everyday advice on six new deceptively simple and wildly random topics.” 

The season premiere, called “How To Find a Public Restroom”, sees Wilson “find clever ways to relieve himself,” according to HBO. 

Wilson explained why the show is ending in a note shared with reporters. “While a part of me would be happy to go on making How To indefinitely, I take a lot of pride in trying to make the style and imagery feel surprising, and I would prefer to end the show while that’s still the case,” he said. “Thematically, we also kind of reach a vanishing point by the finale, and it felt like a natural place to sign off.”

How To With John Wilson has amassed 18 episodes across three seasons. Wilson shed a little light on what’s next for him after How To. “I plan to continue to experiment within the world of non-fiction and any ideas I have left over will just be put into the next thing,” he said. “The project of documenting the current moment never really ends and even if the work changes title and shifts form, there will always be something worth capturing.”

Nathan Fielder, Michael Koman and Clark Reinking executive produce the show with Wilson. Before How To With John Wilson, Wilson’s how-to videos on Vimeo caught the eye of Fielder, who hosted Nathan For You on Comedy Central and has The Rehearsal on HBO

Besides finding a restroom, season three sees Wilson learn to clean his ears, work out, watch the game, watch birds and track a package. 

Wilson called season three “a crazy trip you’re about to take."

The Daily Beast called the show "TV's most profound and bizarre miracle."

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