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Hulu Letting Subscribers Download Programs

Hulu on Monday said that viewers on its no-ads plans are able to download some shows to watch on their iOS devices.

Downloadable shows include originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale as well as episodes of past-season network primetime shows like This Is Us and E.R.

Rival streamers Netflix and Amazon Prime have long allowed viewers to download many shows on mobile gadgets.

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Hulu has been promising downloads for over a year, even promising advertisers they'd be able to reach off-line binge watchers. But that feature has not yet materialized.

On the Hulu app, the downloads tab can be found at the bottom of the screen on portable devices. There is a “See What’s Downloadable” search function to help viewers find shows to take with them.

Subscribers have to update their iOS app to be able to use the download function.

Hulu is limiting subscribers to 25 downloads on 5 devices at a time. Those shows will remain available to view on those devices for 30 days. Once a viewer starts to watch a downloaded program, the download expires in two days. But those expired downloads can be renewed.