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‘Go-Big Show’ Goes Bigger in Season Two

TBS's Go-Big Show season two guests and hosts
(Image credit: Turner Entertainment Networks)

The second season of mega-competition series Go-Big Show starts on TBS January 6. T-Pain joins the judges. Bert Kreischer is back as host. 

Go-Big Show shoots at an 11,000-seat hockey rink in Macon, Georgia. Tailgaters hang out outside the arena as Go-Big shoots. Macon feels like the right home for the series, said showrunner/executive producer Conrad Green, describing it as “a heartland show full of Americana acts,” making for a vibe that’s “more county fair than Hollywood.”

The new acts include a man who jumps over angry bulls, a guy whose talent is taking hard shots to the groin, and Professor Splash, a 62-year-old who leaps into the water from a high perch while on fire. “There’s a lot of creativity involved in these guys,” said Green. 

DJ Khaled was announced as the replacement for Snoop Dogg at the judges’ table, but he could not do the show, and T-Pain came on board. Green said rapper T-Pain, who won the first season of The Masked Singer, fits right in. “Snoop was a bit cautious with some acts,” said Green. “T-Pain threw caution to the wind.”

The other judges are Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and Cody Rhodes.

Green called comedian Kreischer “the heart and soul of the whole experience.”

The new season uses the whole of the Macon Coliseum for the zany acts. Calling it a “big, brassy, loud, fun show,” Green described the new season as “even bigger, even more outrageous and even more spectacular.” ■