The Watchman: ‘Go-Big Show’ Goes Bigger; ‘Kat’ Out of the Bag on Fox

TBS's Go-Big Show season two host and judges
'Go-Big Show's' season two host Bert Kreischer and judges T-Pain, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and Cody Rhodes. (Image credit: Turner Entertainment Networks)

Season two of Go-Big Show premieres on TBS Jan. 6. T-Pain joins the judges, and Bert Kreischer is back as host. 

Conrad Green, showrunner and executive producer, promises a bolder, louder show in season two. “We set the task of trying to go bigger,” he said. “Can we stretch the boundaries of what we can achieve?”

Go-Big Show shoots at a hockey rink in Macon, Georgia. Macon feels like the right home for the series, said Green, describing it as “a heartland show full of Americana acts.”

The new acts include a man who jumps over angry bulls, a guy whose talent is taking hard shots to the groin, and Professor Splash, a 62-year-old diver who leaps into the water from a high perch while on fire. 

NBC stunt show AGT Extreme had a severe injury on the set earlier this year. Green said nothing keeps the producers awake at 3 a.m. more than the thought of an injury on Go-Big Show. “We want to push the boundaries as much as we can,” he said, “but we want everyone to get out of here safely.”

T-Pain is in for DJ Khaled, who was announced as Snoop’s replacement at the judges’ table, but could not do the show. Comedian Kreischer, Green said, is “very much the heart and soul of the whole experience.”

Call Me Kat on Fox

Call Me Kat on Fox (Image credit: Fox)

Season two of Call Me Kat is on Fox Jan. 9. Mayim Bialik plays a single woman who spends her life savings to open a cat cafe in Louisville. Swoosie Kurtz portrays her mother and Leslie Jordan her employee. 

Season one left off with Kat facing a tough decision. She’s in a relationship with Oscar and then Max, who she’s dug since high school, expresses his feelings for her. 

Alissa Neubauer, executive producer and showrunner, is pleased with how season one landed. What worked? Cool characters and a funky setting, she said. “The dynamic between friends, co-workers and family,” Neubauer added. “We really build on that solid foundation in season two.”

Bialik has of course been sharing hosting duties on Jeopardy! with Ken Jennings. That could mean a few Jeopardy! fans give Kat a look. “It’s been great for more people to get exposure to how wonderful she is,” Neubauer said. 

Also good for sampling is Call Me Kat and rookie comedy Pivoting premiering out of a Sunday football doubleheader, before the pair shifts to Thursday nights. 

Kat is based on the British series Miranda. Asked about other influences, Neubauer said, “Anything where the lead character is a powerful, strong, optimistic, independent woman. That’s what we got in this.” ■ 

Michael Malone

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