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George Michael Featured in ABC’s ‘Superstar’ Series

Superstar: George Michael on ABC
(Image credit: ABC News)

The next Superstar episode on ABC will chronicle the life and career of George Michael. ABC News defines the series as a look at “the mavericks who shaped American culture.” The Michael episode is on Nov. 30. 

Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Whitney Houston, Kobe Bryant and John Ritter were previously featured. 

Michael sold over 100 million records worldwide. “Superstar: George Michael reports on how he reinvented himself from a teenage heartthrob in Wham!, to a global superstar with his solo album “Faith,” and later to groundbreaking artist boldly paving a path for future stars,” said ABC News. “The program delves into his personal life, including his tragic romance with a Brazilian designer, his personal conflict with fame, the real story of his arrest in a Los Angeles public restroom, and his influential lawsuit against his record company.”

Michael died in late 2016. 

The episode features interviews with Sam Smith, Paula Abdul and Rob Kahane, Michael’s longtime manager, among others. 

Superstar: George Michael will be on Hulu the day after it premieres. 

The series is produced by ABC News. David Sloan is senior executive producer and Muriel Pearson is executive producer. ■