Young Spiderman the Star of 'Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends'

Young Spidey and His Amazing Team on Disney Junior
(Image credit: Disney Junior)

Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends premieres on Disney Junior Aug. 6. 

The show, targeting preschoolers, tells the story of Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy as kids. They form Team Spidey and protect their community from the likes of Doc Ock, Rhino and Goblin. The show “models the importance of teamwork and helping others and highlights themes of friendship, cooperation and problem-solving,” according to Disney Junior. 

Harrison Wilcox is the executive producer. He said Spiderman--and the young Spidey--are well suited for kids. “Marvel and Disney Junior recognized a really fantastic opportunity to create a Spiderman series for preschoolers,” he said, “Spidey being the original kids superhero.”

The show is reminiscent of Spiderman comics from the '60s, Wilcox said. “It’s something that fans of all ages can enjoy,” he added. “Anyone who grew up with Marvel will recognize the appeal of the show. If they have kids of their own, they will enjoy watching it through their children’s fresh eyes.”

Peter lives with his aunt, who does not know her nephew has some unique powers. The absence of his parents is not explained on the show. 

The villains are more naughty than nasty, Wilcox said. Each has a unique personality and set of powers. “No villain goes to jail at the end of the episode,” said Wilcox. “They get webbed up or escape to return another day.”

Wilcox previously worked on Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest. The writers’ room is a mix of Marvel vets and non-Marvel pre-school alum. They worked together well, said Wilcox: “You put different people with different backgrounds together, and that’s how you come up with good stories.”

Every once in a while, an idea would pop up in the room late in the day, and all the pieces would come together quickly. “The character arc, the message, the plot, the villain motivation--it would all click into place immediately,” said Wilcox. “Those are the most fun for me in terms of seeing those come through the pipeline.”

Patrick Stump, lead singer in Fall Out Boy, composed and performed the theme song. “We were so excited and fortunate to get to work with him,” said Wilcox. Stump came in to speak with the producers, and the song came back a short while later, ready to go.

“He’s a lifelong Marvel fan,” said Wilcox.

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