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Xumo, Verizon See Big Increases in Video Usage

TV streamer Xumo said that it has seen a 30% increase in hours watched across the service.

Looking at the week of March 14, compared to the week of Feb. 29, Xumo said it has seen an increase in viewership in its news category.

Xumo also said that with people staying at home, it is seeing an atypical spike in viewership at 11 a.m.

Verizon noted reports that over the weekend, it saw a 2% increase in peak video traffic, a 7% increase in web traffic and a 3% increase in gaming over peak weekday traffic.

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On Sundays, people appear to be watching services online. Verizon saw a 163% increase in the use of collaboration tools in the morning on March 22 from the prior Sunday and another 224% increase on March 29.

For the week of March 21, Verizon's Fios TV customers increased their usage of video on demand by 49%.

The top VOD titles on Fios were 1917, Jumanji: The Next Level, The Invisible Man, Onward and Knives Out.

“Our engineers build our networks to provide great experiences and stay ahead of demand, whether customers are streaming their favorite TV show, video chatting with family and friends, or providing critical services on the front line of this crisis,” said Verizon chief technology officer Kyle Malady.