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‘Very Scary People’ Season Three on HLN May 2

Very Scary People on HLN
(Image credit: HLN)

Season three of Very Scary People is on HLN May 2. Donnie Wahlberg of Blue Bloods hosts. There are six two-hour episodes of the show, which “takes a closer look at some of the most frightening killers in recent history,” according to HLN. 

The premiere episode, “The Golden State Killer,” looks at Joseph DeAngelo, who invaded homes and committed 50 rapes and 13 murders, and was on the loose for 44 years. 

Wahlberg was part of New Kids on the Block. His film work includes Zookeeper and The Sixth Sense and his TV resume includes Blue Bloods and Boomtown. He produces and stars in Wahlburgers on A&E. 

Nancy Duffy, CNN senior VP of program development for CNN, is the executive producer of Very Scary People.

The first two seasons are available on HBO Max.