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Univision, AT&T Extend U-Verse Access Yet Again

Another day-make that another 24 hours--another Univision/AT&T carriage/access extension.

The two companies agreed late Wednesday (March 16) to extend access by AT&T's U-verse to Univision TV stations and the network another 24 hours, until 1 a.m., Friday, March 18.

It is the latest in a series of extensions as they work on a new carriage deal.

Univision's other networks will remain off U-Verse while they negotiate.

Univision stations and networks went off U-Verse March 4, with acrimony on both sides, Univision accusing AT&T of discriminating against Spanish-language nets by not giving them full value, AT&T calling the charge despicable.

But the rhetoric cooled and AT&T was allowed to restore the Univision stations and network for the Democratic Debate from Miami Wednesday night (March 9), then there was a 24 hour extension beyond the two-hour debate, then that was extended to 1 a.m. Saturday (March 12), beginning a series of short-term extensions that continued Wednesday night.