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Twitch Prime Members Get Crunchyroll Premium Preview

Anime service Crunchyroll has made a deal with Amazon’s video gaming platform Twitch to offer Twitch Prime members Crunchyroll Premium free for 30 days.

Crunchyroll, owned by AT&T’s Otter Media, said this is the first time Twitch Prime members have been offered something other than gaming-related “loot” as part of their rewards for being subscribers.

For Crunchyroll the arrangement is a way to attract new fans.

“While we constantly focus on delighting Crunchyroll fans, we also feel it’s our responsibility to continue to proliferate the popularity of anime to new audiences,” said Eric Berman, head of partnerships, Crunchyroll. “We pride ourselves on working with like-minded, fan-focused partners and are excited to offer all Twitch Prime members a free pass to Crunchyroll right in time for the huge spring anime season.”

Crunchyroll has worked with Twitch before, with Twitch live streaming Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards the past two years. Twitch also streamed the pre-show anime marathon, watched by more than 1.3 million viewers, according to the companies.

Twitch Prime membership is included with Amazon Prime.