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‘Tucker Carlson Today’ Starts on Fox Nation March 29

Tucker Carlson on Fox News
(Image credit: Fox News Channel)

Tucker Carlson Today premieres on streaming service Fox Nation March 29. The show, an extension of Carlson’s nightly program Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, will stream Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Carlson mentioned the new streaming program on his March 24 show. “We've spent years telling you that the left is trying to silence you and free speech is at stake. Well, the last three months have proved that right,” he said. “Not to brag. Freedom of speech has never been under attack like it is now. Media companies are shrinking in the face of it and shrinking audiences. We are proud to say that we're moving in the opposite direction. This show is still free. This channel, Fox News, is still free and this show is expanding. We often don't have enough time to get through everything that we want to talk about in a single hour. So we're launching a couple of new programs here.”

Carlson will also host a video podcast. 

Fox Nation costs $5.99 monthly and $64.99 yearly.