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Tubi Available in Hotels Through Enseo Deal

Tubi said it made a deal with Enseo that will enable guests in 30,000 hotel rooms to stream Tubi’s free programming beginning Tuesday.

Tubi is available in more than 20 hotel and resort brands, with more to launch in the future.

“Our collaboration with Enseo comes at a time where we remain focused on providing easy access to premium content for everyone,” said Andrea Clarke-Hall, VP of business development, Tubi. “We’re thrilled about our partnership that will allow guests to enjoy our massive library at no additional cost.”

Enseo’s platform will support future technologies and evolve to include new products, features and apps over time.

“We are always looking to elevate the guest room experience and want to provide guests the content they want directly to the guest room TV, which is why we are partnering with Tubi and offering its impressive library of movies and TV shows,” said Enseo founder and CEO, Vanessa Ogle.