Tegna Investing in Digital Video Network Whistle Sports

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Tegna is investing in global sports media company Whistle Sports.

Whistle Sports, which launched in 2014, connects sports to millennial audiences with its shareable video content across various interactive and social media platforms. The digital video network has over 230,000 videos and 1,720 channels that power over 600 million monthly video views.

“Whistle Sports is an emerging powerhouse that has built a unique set of content and distribution capabilities that set the digital video network apart,” said Gracia Martore, president and CEO, Tegna. “This investment and strategic partnership will not only enable both of our companies to reach valuable new audiences, it will also combine our respective expertise to create more innovative content and advertising solutions.”

Tegna will claim a seat on its board of directors.

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“We launched the company with the belief that young millennial fans were looking for new ways to engage with sports and built a team and community committed to serving them on the places and platforms where they were spending more of their time,” said John West, Whistle founder and CEO. “We are thrilled by the enthusiasm, confirmation and commitment from Tegna and their strong support for our continued growth.”