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Syndies: Talkers gab to the top

For the holiday week ended Dec. 29, the syndication standouts were the

Of the 13 surviving talk shows, only one declined. Ironically, that one was
the hottest new show out there. Dr. Phil was down 9 percent to a 3.9.
That was still good enough for No. 2 behind Oprah.

Most improved for a second straight week was Crossing Over with John
, up 23 percent to a 1.6, matching its season high.

Other double-digit talk gainers were John Walsh, up 15 percent to a
1.5 and equaling its season high; The Other Half, up 14 percent to a 0.8;
Montel, up 13 percnet to a 2.7, equaling its season high; Ricki
, up 13 percent to a 1.8, matching its season high; and Jenny
, up 12 percent to a new season high of 1.9.

The No. 1 talk show, Oprah, notched a 2 percent increase to a 5.1.

Elsewhere in daytime, the court shows were mixed.

Judge Judy, the top show, was down 6 percent to a 5.0, and Divorce
was down 4 percent to a 2.7.

Judge Hatchett was up 19 percent to a new season high of 1.9. The rest
held steady.

The top gainer among rookie game shows was Pyramid, up 24 percent to a
season high 2.1.

The other rookie game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, was down 3
percent to a 2.9.

In weekend action, four weeklies had 25 percent-plus gains.

Rookie action hour Starhunter was up 40 percent to a 0.7.

Movie-review show Hot Ticket was up 31 percent to a 1.7, and
rookie Adventure Inc. and veteran Access Hollywood Weekend were
both up 29 percent to season highs of 2.2.

It wasn't such a happy holiday for the access shows. They were hurt by
declining HUT (homes using television) levels from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Nine of the top 10 off-net sitcoms were down. The tenth, The Drew Carey Show,
was flat.

For the first time, rookie That 70s Show tied rookie Will &
for top new off-net sitcom honors at a 3.5, although that was down 10
percent for That 70s Show and 17 percent for Will & Grace.

The top sitcom continued to be Seinfeld, beating Friends for
the fourth time in the past five weeks.

Seinfeld was down 16 percent to a 6.1, while Friends was down 19
percent to a new season low of 5.6.

In third was Everybody Loves Raymond, down 21 percent to a new season
low of 5.0.