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Streamer FuboTV Discloses $48M Loss in First Quarter

(Image credit: fubo)

FuboTV, the streaming service acquired by Facebank on April 1, disclosed that the combined companies registered a pro-forma net loss of $48.4 million in the first quarter.

In a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission Wednesday, fuboTV alone had a loss of $36 million in the quarter and Facebank lost $4.5 million. Adjustments to earnings totaled $8 million.

The combined company is doing business as fuboTV. On Wednesday morning, the company released a letter to shareholders with financial highlights, including  a 78% increase in revenue and a jump of 120% in streaming hours.

FuboTV stock trades over the counter and closed up 20% at $10.51 a share.

For 2019, the combined companies had a pro-forma loss of $335.9 million. FuboTV’s loss was $173.7 million and Facebank lost $114.7 million.