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‘Scenes From a Marriage’ Premieres on HBO Sept. 12

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain in Scenes From a Marriage
(Image credit: HBO)

Scenes From a Marriage, a modern adaptation of an Ingmar Bergman series, starts on HBO Sept. 12. Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain play a husband and wife working through their issues. There are five episodes. 

HBO calls Scenes “a captivating re-examination of the dilemmas probed by the original” and a series that ”explores love, hatred, desire, monogamy, marriage and divorce through the lens of a contemporary American couple.”

Chastain plays Mira, a confident and ambitious tech executive who is unfulfilled by her marriage. Isaac is Jonathan, a cerebral philosophy professor desperate to keep his marriage afloat. 

Scenes From a Marriage “mines the full complexity of Jonathan and Mira as individuals who ultimately know their marriage isn’t being torn apart by any one event or flaw, resulting in a radically honest series that allows the audience to eavesdrop on private conversations between two people torn between feelings of hate and love,” said HBO. 

Hagai Levi wrote and directed the series, and executive produces with Michael Ellenberg, Lars Blomgren, Amy Herzog (who co-wrote two episodes), Jessica Chastain, Oscar Isaac, Daniel Bergman and M. Blair Breard.

Swedish filmmaker Bergman died in 2007. His miniseries Scenes From a Marriage aired in 1973. 

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