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Nexstar Launches NextGen TV Using ATSC 3.0 in Denver

Nexstar KDVR NextGen TV
Nexstar's KDVR in Denver started broadcasting NextGen TV (Image credit: KDVR)

Nexstar Media Group said that its stations in Denver, KDVR-TV and KWGN-TV, have begun broadcasting NextGen TV using the new ATSC 3.0 format.

Nexstar has converted 22 stations in 12 markets to NextGen TV so far this year, and said it plans to convert 32 more stations in 20 additional markets in 2021.

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NextGen TV provides higher quality video and immersive audio, and its signal can be received by mobile devices. The Nexstar stations will also be participating in BitPath, a data network that relies on ATSC 3.0 signals. 

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“With brilliant video and audio, NextGen TV brings a whole new dimension to the television viewing experience and we are excited to rollout this advanced technology at Nexstar’s Denver stations,” said Brett Jenkins, executive VP and chief technology officer for Nexstar Media Group.

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“Not only does NextGen TV deliver important upgrades for our viewers and advertisers, it also enables us to begin exploring new opportunities to use this very efficient and effective content and data distribution technology to meet the challenges of today’s evolving digital world. We plan to roll-out NextGen TV to 32 more stations in 20 additional Nexstar markets in 2021, as we aggressively move forward implementing this highly sophisticated technology across the 115 markets we serve nationwide,” Jenkins said. “When we finish our 2021 deployments, approximately 33% of all television households reached by a Nexstar television station will receive a NextGenTV signal.”

Current programming remains available to all of Nexstar’s viewers in all of its markets, regardless of whether their television service is provided over-the-air or by a cable or satellite company. Viewers using antennas have to  rescan their TV sets to ensure full service.