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'Jerry Springer' Moving to The CW This Fall

Updated: Sunday, June 17, 5:24 p.m. PT

NBCUniversal’s long-running conflict talker The Jerry Springer Show has gone out of production, a source close to the show confirmed Wednesday.

Starting next fall, pre-produced and encore episodes of the show will air on The CW as well as in broadcast syndication, although it’s unlikely the show’s syndicated clearances will remain the same as they are now.

The deal for Springer on The CW is for multiple years and the producers or distributors could opt to order more original episodes. Should that happen, the show would go back into production in Connecticut where it shares a home with sibling shows Maury and The Steve Wilkos Show. Both of those shows have been renewed for two more years and will remain in syndication, according to sources.

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The CW airs an afternoon block of shows, which is currently composed of The Robert Irvine Show, which was produced by Tribune but went out of production earlier this year, and Steve Wilkos. Springer will take over Irvine's slot on the network.

The so-called conflict talkers – Maury, Jerry and Wilkos – air predominantly in blocks on the Tribune-owned stations in major markets. Tribune is in the process of being acquired by Sinclair Broadcast Group, although the merger hasn’t closed yet

Jerry Springer has been on the air for 28 seasons, originally launching in 1991.