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HBO Max Adds Original Programming From CNN

AT&T CNN unit will be contributing to the programming on the company’s upcoming streaming service HBO Max, with four original unscripted projects getting green lights.

The slate includes the series Heaven’s Gate and Generation Hustle (working title) and the feature-length documentaries The Scoop and Persona (both working titles).

“We are tremendously inspired by CNN’s history of award-winning documentary storytelling and journalistic integrity,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content, HBO Max. “This slate of projects with CNN demonstrates our power as a media family to create quality programming that covers the captivating and critical issues of today.”

Heaven’s Gate is a four-part look at the religious movement that led to the biggest U.S. mass suicide.

Generation Hustle is a 10-part series about young people seeking fame, fortune and power.

The Scoop follows CNN’s female political reporters on the presidential campaign trail.

Persona looks at personality testing, which is used for everything from dating sites to job applications.

“We are so pleased to produce original nonfiction projects with HBO Max and to release new content from CNN Films and CNN Original Series via a streaming partner that complements our brands and creative goals,” said Amy Entelis, executive VP for talent and content development for CNN Worldwide. “We look forward to partnering on future projects as well.”