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Haystack News Launches Presidential Debate Channels

haystack media debate
(Image credit: Haystack Media)

Streaming service Haystack News said it is launching new channels for the presidential and vice presidential debates.

In addition to live coverage of the events on dedicated channels, Haystack will have channels featuring pre- and post-debate coverage and analysis from the 300 local broadcasters and national news outlets from which Haystack gets content.

“Interest in coverage tied to the November 2020 election is propelling Haystack News to record levels of usage and engagement. We are delighted to be the one-stop destination for the best-in-election coverage,” said Daniel Barreto, Haystack TV CEO and co-founder. “Haystack News has become the platform of choice for broadband-only households looking for a free AVOD service dedicated to curating the wealth of news coverage produced for this election season.”

Haystack News had channels dedicated to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

The first presidential debate will take place Sept. 29. The vice presidential debate is being held Oct. 7. The second presidential debate is scheduled for Oct. 15 and the third faceoff is set for Oct. 22.