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Haystack News Launches Live Stream of Newsy

Haystack News Newsy
A live stream of Newsy is available via Haystack News (Image credit: Haystack News)

Haystack News said it launched a live stream of Newsy, E.W. Scripps’ national news network.

Newsy reports had been available via Haystack News. The live feed is being offered unders an expanded agreement with Scripps, which earlier this month launched an over-the-air version of Newsy.

“Newsy has long been a popular news provider on the Haystack News platform. We are very pleased to expand our agreement with Scripps and add Newsy to our growing portfolio of live streaming news channels, a terrific complement to our core personalized and curated on-demand offerings,” said Daniel Barreto, co-founder and CEO at Haystack TV.

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Newsy delivers the same news experience and programming to every device. Viewers can watch Newsy’s 24/7 live programming over the air using their TVs’ built-in tuners or digital antennas, on, as well as on their favorite streaming devices or services – including Haystack TV.