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Haystack News Launches Award Show Streaming Channels

Haystack News Golden Globes
(Image credit: Haystack News)

Haystack News, the ad supported streaming service, said it is launching channels dedicated to major entertainment awards starting with the Golden Globes.

The Golden Globes will be given out on Sunday.

After that, Haystack channels will feature coverage of the Grammy Awards and the Oscars.

“More than just the preferred destination for breaking news and analysis, Haystack News is growing its portfolio and viewing options for entertainment news content,” said Daniel Barreto, co-founder and CEO of Haystack TV. “Awards season is a great time to turn to Haystack News for coverage highlighting the best in TV, music and film.”

The Haystack channels draw on news content from 300 local broadcast stations, plus national reports from ABC News, Associated Press, Bloomberg, CBS News, Cheddar, Euronews and Newsy.