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Haystack News Expands Personalized Newsline Ticker

Haystack News' updated ticker offers more graphics and interactivity (Image credit: Haystack News)

Haystack News said it has launched a new version of its personalized Newsline news ticker and that the feature is now available on all smart TV platforms as well as Android TV and Fire TV.

The Newsline ticker was originally rolled out on Roku. 

Newsline is integrated into the Haystack News ad-supported streaming experience. The new version offers more graphics, interactivity, enhanced weather forecasts and financial market information.

“Haystack News is surging with millions of new users, tallying 145% user growth year over year thanks to the introduction of innovative new features, such as Newsline, as we reinvent the news-watching experience. With Newsline, watching news on your Smart TV is now superior to that of traditional cable television,” said Haystack TV president and co-founder Ish Harshawat. “Haystack’s investment in Newsline is yielding increased levels of engagement for your users and increased monetization for our content partners.”