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'Emergency Call' Premieres on ABC June 4

Emergency Call on ABC
(Image credit: ABC)

Emergency Call, an unscripted series about the people who receive 911 phone calls, has its season premiere June 4 on ABC. Luke Wilson hosts. 

Call takers from Austin; New Orleans; Ogden, Utah; Wasilla, Alaska; and Waukesha, Wisconsin are featured. 

Emergency Call “documents the first few crucial minutes of emergencies told through the lens of America’s heroic 911 call takers,” in ABC’s words. “The series follows the dramatic moments leading up to the arrival of help rather than the events after the firefighters, police or emergency medical services teams arrive, and focuses on the extreme, suspenseful and sometimes humorous stories that flood 911 call centers.”

Emergency Call is executive produced by Adeline Ramage Rooney and Jonny Slow, Grant Kahler and Luke Wilson. Kahler is the showrunner. The show is produced by 8HOURS Television, based on an original format by De Chinezen.

The series premiere was last fall. Wilson described 911 responders to B+C as “regular people who do extraordinary things.”

Wilson’s films include Old School, Bottle Rocket and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. His TV work includes DC’s Stargirl and Enlightened.