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Cuts Expected at Sony

This week, Sony Corp. is expected to lay out its global corporate strategy, and part of the layout may include layoffs, reportedly as much as 10% of Sony’s work force.

Sony Electronics Corp. in the United States already has plans to move some of its marketing divisions from northern New Jersey to either San Diego or San Jose, Calif., early next year.

San Diego currently houses part of the company’s personal-mobile and imaging division (digital cameras, camcorders and printers), and Sony personal audio, mobile electronics and accessories will make the move from Jersey, bringing those groups closer together.

The marketing department of Sony’s home-products division will also head to San Diego, where the manufacturing and engineering parts of that division are located. Part of the business-solutions division will make the move to San Jose, where some aspects of its operation already exist.

Sony operations related to broadcast and production gear, as well as media, will remain in New Jersey.