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Conservative George Will To Contribute to NewsNation

George Will Nexstar
George Will (Image credit: Nexstar)

Nexstar Media Inc.’s NewsNation cable network said it hired conservative political commentator George Will as a senior contributor. He will begin January 15.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have George join our team. His keen insight and expertise will ensure NewsNation’s audience gets the very best analysis in this highly charged political year,” said Michael Corn, president of news for NewsNation.

NewsNation plans to have Will contribute on all platforms and play a key role in the coverage of the upcoming midterm elections.

“NewsNation meets a national need for news delivered without political agendas, clenched fists, and raised voices. It offers news leavened by a sense of the complexity and grandeur of American history: this nation was not made by flimsy people, and it is not flimsy,” Will said.

Nexstar launched NewsNation in 2020 as a national newscast on WGN America, the cable network it acquired when it bought Tribune Media. It later renamed the entire channel as NewsNation and has increased the amount of news content it carries

NewsNation got off to a low-rated and sometimes controversial start, but Nexstar appears to still be backing the venture. ■