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Cinedigm Streaming Free Linear Channels on Plex

The Bob Ross Channel will be part of Plex's palette (Image credit: Cinedigm)

Cinedigm has made a deal with Plex, which will stream eight of Cinedigm’s free, ad-supported channels worldwide.

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The channels are The Bob Ross Channel, Comedy Dynamics, Bambu, Docurama, CONtv, Dove Channel, CONtv Anime and Whistle Sports. 

(Image credit: Cinedigm)

The move comes as more people stream video and are finding free content attractive.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide our full channel catalog to Plex’s large user base of entertainment-focused fans," said Tony Huidor, Cinedigm’s general manager of digital networks. “Plex gives us access to a worldwide audience, much of it not reachable through our existing distribution footprint. We are excited about the opportunity to further establish our ad-supported channels worldwide.”

Plex has more than 20 million registered users.