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Anthem Sports Launching VOD Content on Glewed TV

(Image credit: Anthem)

 Anthem Sports & Entertainment said it is launching ad-supported content from AXS TV, Fight Network and Impact Wrestling on Glewed TV in the fall.

GlewedTV offers professionally produced content on demand and offers users more than 10,000 hours  of programming.

“Anthem is committed to making our high-quality content available to as many people as possible, and this agreement with Glewed TV is a reflection of that,” said Chad Midgley, SVP of Content Syndication for Anthem. “We are proud to launch three of our most popular platforms—AXS TV, Fight Network, and IMPACT Wrestling—as streaming channels on one of the leading VOD services in the world, providing Glewed TV users with a diverse selection of exclusive programming that they simply cannot find anywhere else.”

AXS TV focuses on music content Fight Network offers combat sports 24/7 and the Impact Wrestling channel celebrates iconic grapplers from Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair to Kevin Nash and AJ Styles as well as current Impact athletes including champion Tessa Blanchard.

"As more and more people are cutting the cord, we continue to be hyper-dedicated to providing our viewers with the best content available. We are excited to be working with Anthem to meet the market demand created by music and sports fans,” said Glewed TV CMO Melody Wolff.

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