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‘American Greed’ Examines El Chapo as Season 14 Begins June 7

American Greed on CNBC
(Image credit: CNBC)

El Chapo gets his close-up when season 14 of American Greed premieres on CNBC June 7. “Inside El Chapo’s Empire” examines the drug lord, a.k.a. Joaquin Guzman Loera, and how he ended up in U.S. custody. “Meet the Flores twins, Chicago-born drug dealers who earned the trust of the boss of the Sinaloa cartel – then helped the Feds put him away for life,” teases CNBC. 

There are six new episodes. Others are about California Congressman Duncan Hunter and his wife Margaret, insurance fraud schemer T.R. Wright and utility company Pacific Gas & Electric. 

The series “goes inside the dark side of the American Dream -- where money seduces, power corrupts, and smooth criminals will stop at nothing to get rich,” said CNBC. “Their complex scams leave victims’ lives in shambles. Each episode is a deep dive into the minds and actions of heartless crooks who live lives most people can only dream of. But how many luxury homes and exotic cars does it take to justify these white-collar crimes?”

Kurtis Productions produces American Greed. Mike West executive produces, while Luke Bauer does so for CNBC.