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Acxiom Makes Data Available for Streamers Via TransUnion

Acxiom said it made a deal with TransUnion that will make Acxiom’s audiences available for targeting ads on streaming media through TransUnion’s TruAudience Data Marketplace.


The companies said the Acxiom data enabled advertisers to fine-tune their audience strategies in new channels, including CTV, streaming audio and gaming.

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“As the media ecosystem continues to evolve, Acxiom is excited to integrate with the TruAudience Data Marketplace to deliver precision at scale for advertisers,” said Conor Burgess, VP, advanced TV at Acxiom. “The growth­­ of CTV continues to exceed marketplace expectations – and the partnership between Acxiom and the TruAudience Data Marketplace enables unprecedented reach while leveraging best in class data from Acxiom.”

TransUnion Merkle

(Image credit: TransUnion)

The TruAudience Data Marketplace is a privacy-conscious, end-to-end solution for executing high-fidelity streaming and omnichannel campaigns with consistency and scale. The marketplace is integrated with leading streaming publishers, DSPs and SSPs.

“Our partnership with Acxiom will provide a boost to recognizing and reaching omnichannel audiences across the streaming media ecosystem,” said Michelle Swanston, VP of customer success and data marketplace at TransUnion. “Now available via the TruAudience Data Marketplace, Acxiom’s scaled data will power meaningful reach across tens of millions of smart TVs, smart speakers and gaming consoles.” ■