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ABC decides to delay season too

ABC followed the leads of NBC and CBS late Thursday, announcing it would
delay rolling out its new and returning shows next week.

NBC announced Wednesday that it was holding off until
Monday Sept. 24 to begin the 2001-2002 season.

Early Thursday, CBS took the same decision, to delay its season openers by one week.

Before the issue had been decided early in the day, ABC Entertainment Group Co-Chairman Lloyd Braun told Broadcasting & Cable, "It's difficult because it's a very fluid situation and we are trying to get a sense of at what point the public is going to be ready for some type of entertainment programming.'

Now there apparently is a consensus among the networks
that that date will be one week from Monday.

ABC was scheduled to launch its first new series, Philly, on Sept.
18 and Thieves
on Sept. 21. - Joe Schlosser