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Univision, ‘Chicago Reporter’ Join for Cross-Platform News

Univision Chicago and The Chicago Reporter said they are combining to create Latinext, a cross-newsroom, cross-platform bilingual news operation to serve the 2.1 million people in the Latinx community in the Chicago area.

The move follows the announcement earlier this month that Tribune Publishing is folding the Hoy Chicago newspaper, effective Dec. 13.

Latinext aims to combine the reach of Univision Chicago wtih the data-driven investigative journalism of The Chicago Reporter and cover topics important to the Latino community including housing, healthcare, education and immigration. Latinext will also focus on the 2020 Census and the Presidential election.

Fernando Diaz, editor and publisher of The Chicago Reporter and Teri Arvesu, Univision Chicago’s head of content, will manage Latinext.

The venture is in the process of hiring and training a team of bilingual journalists. Their content will be produced in English and Spanish and be featured on Univision’s TV, radio and digital platforms as well as in the Reporter