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Trifecta Clears Off-MTV Duo in 80% of U.S.

Trifecta Entertainment has sold MTV’s two popular reality strips, Laguna Beach and The Hills to stations covering 80% of U.S. households, the company said Friday, Aug. 7.

Trifecta sold the two shows as one package, with stations first airing Laguna Beach’s 44 episodes and then The Hills’ 70 episodes. One-third of the stations – including KDOC Los Angeles, WGN Chicago, KTXA, KRON San Francisco, WDCW Washington D.C., KSTW Seattle, WMOR Tampa and WUAB in Cleveland -- will air the two shows as a weekday strip.
Stations that only acquired the weekend hour will air just The Hills, which will be comprised as two half-hour episodes.

Stations airing the weekly hour include WPIX New York, KYW/WPSG Philadelphia, WLVI Boston, WATL Atlanta and WMYD Detroit.

Finally, some stations will air the shows both as a weekday strip and a weekend hour.

The two shows will launch Sept. 21.