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'Bachelor' Most-Binged Time-Shifted Show in January, According to Inscape

Thanks to timeshifting technology like the DVR and the growing popularity of streaming platforms, there has never been a better time to be a binge-watcher. But what shows are most popular when it comes to settling into a multi-episode (three or more) watch session? We worked with, the TV data company with glass-level insights from a panel of more than 12 million smart TVs, to surface top shows that had viewers in marathon mode last month. Note: Data is from Jan. 1-31, and is from timeshifted-detected sessions only.

With a new season that kicked off in early January, it’s not surprising that The Bachelor leads the list based on show minutes binged (as a percent of all binged shows that Inscape measured). Popular procedural dramas Chicago P.D., Criminal Minds and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit follow. With these series in syndication and often airing in marathons for easy DVRing, they make for perfect bingeing material. Live PD is another one worth mentioning, as it had one of the highest amounts of binge minutes per TV during the period measured.

Another way to look at binging is by the daily average of episodes binged. In January, Super Bowl Highlights topped the list, which makes total sense as the NFL playoffs came to a close and fans were gearing up for the Big Game. Chappelle’s Show and The Cleveland Show were two other series that had people watching a higher-than-average number of episodes in a row.