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Telco Partnering with Rasmussen to Syndicate Polling Vignettes

Telco Productions is partnering with national polling firm Rasmussen Reports to develop one-minute news analysis vignettes that Telco will syndicate to TV stations to air in their local newscasts.

The vignettes are being offered on an all-barter basis, with a 15-second break for a national sponsor to run in the nearest block of commercials after the vignette airs, according to Alex Paen, president of Santa Monica-based Telco.

"I feel these vignettes will add a special dimension to any newscast, giving local viewers a timely reading of public opinion on a variety of topical issues," said Alex Paen, President of Telco Productions, in a statement.

"Alex's news background and understanding of this space, combined with our data resources, makes it a perfect fit for timely news reporting on headline issues," said Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, also in a statement.