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TCA 2018: On NBC ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Won’t Have ‘Substantive Changes’

Complete Coverage: 2018 TCA Summer Press Tour

Beverly Hills, Calif. — Don’t expect to see a new Brooklyn Nine-Nine now that NBC has revived the show.

“In a lot of ways I think it is the same type of show,” said executive producer Dan Goor, during the network’s 2018 TCA summer press tour session Wednesday. “I won’t say the same show. I think it’s going to be even better this year.” 

Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine in May after five seasons on the network. The Universal Television produced comedy was then picked up for a sixth season a few days later by corporate cousin NBC.

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“There are no substantive changes in terms of our approach to the show or anything else,” said Goor, who co-created the show with Michael Schur.

Series star Terry Crews, who said news of the show’s cancellation came when he and fellow cast member Andre Braugher were getting ready to film $100,000 Pyramid, fielded a question from a critic about how the cast felt when they heard about the pick up.

“It felt like you’re alive again,” said Crews. “It’s almost like you were on life support and you wake up and you’re actually totally fine. In fact, you’re better than you were. It was truly amazing.”

During the session Crews also addressed the rise of the #MeToo movement and his experiences with sexual harassment.

“For me and for a lot of people out there I call it the summer of freedom,” he said. “We can now tell our truth.”

“I think for real this is just the beginning,” he added. “And I feel like this is going to be a new day and now the town will be safer.”