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Sundance Acquires ‘My So-Called Life'

Sundance Channel announced on Thursday that it has acquired My So-Called Life from Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

My So-Called Life will premiere on Sundance on Monday, April 25 at 11 p.m. First premiering in 1994, the short-lived teenage drama starred Jared Leto and Claire Danes.

"We love My So-Called Life because it's both substantive and engaging," said Sarah Barnett, GM/EVP of Sundance Channel. "We're delighted to bring back the series for the passionate audience that adored the show when it first premiered and we're thrilled to introduce it to a whole new audience that can enjoy it for the first time. The timeless stories hold up brilliantly."

My So-Called Life was listed as one of "The 100 Best Shows of All-Time" by Time in 2007.