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Science Acquisition Lifts Supernatural Series From Syndication 'Fringe'

Science has secured off-network syndication rights to Fringe, beginning this fall.

The Discovery Communications service through a deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution has secured the rights to the first four seasons of the drama series, as well as its upcoming fifth and final campaign. Spanning 13 installments, which will bring the total number of episodes to 100, Fringe's last season is scheduled to bow on Fox this fall.

The pact, terms of which were not disclosed, also includes behind-the-scenes features and unseen bonus footage.

"Fringe is the kind of smart, lean-forward programming that our viewers gravitate toward. The combination of compelling characters and excellent science-themed storytelling make this franchise a huge addition for our network," said Debbie Myers, general manager and executive VP of Science, in announcing the acquisition. "We're going to deepen the audience experience with Fringe by giving them more of the access to the writers and creative process than ever. We're also going to work with our cadre of leading experts to explore the real-world science that provides the foundation for these completely engrossing narratives."

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