Samba TV Gets Additional Viewer Data TiVo Households

TiVo has partnered with Samba TV to measure ad frequency and effectiveness
TiVo has partnered with Samba TV to measure ad frequency and effectiveness (Image credit: TiVo)

Television data company Samba TV said it has made another deal that will broaden the dataset Samba TV uses to measure the impact of live and time-shifted linear TV usage.

The deal puts a cap on 2020, the second straight year in which Samba TV has recorded global revenue of more than $100 million, the company said.

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Households using TiVo, a unit of Xperi Holding Corp., represent a cross section of multichannel video programming distributors. Using automated content recognition technology, Samba can more precisely measure ad frequency and effectiveness, as well as strategies to recover audience reach to ad skipping with digital video reporters.

“Whenever we integrate viewership data from new brands and platforms, we learn more about how unique each brand and its customer base truly is,” said Samba TV co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “It would be a huge mistake to assume that one brand of smart TV or set-top box data is representative or accurate enough to create a normalized view of the TV audience at large. Samba TV is integrated within the most TVs worldwide and, when coupled with our ecosystem of partners and customers, provides the most comprehensive end-to-end view of reach, frequency and conversion for advertising across screens.”

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Samba already gets ACR Data from 20 of the top smart TV brands globally. 

“We are very pleased to partner with Samba TV to extract more insights from our millions of devices,” said Matt Milne, chief revenue officer, Xperi. “We believe our viewership data enables unified planning, activation and measurement for marketers and media owners alike. Together, we hope to dramatically improve the advertising experience for consumers across all screens.”

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So far this year, Samba TV has made data deals with Disney, Comscore, MiQ, Catalina, The Trade Desk and Amazon Web Services in addition to TiVo. 

Samba TV said revenue grew in 2020 despite the pandemic as audiences migrated to streaming.

The company said its global scale enables it to provide far deeper insights and analytics due to the size of its television panel - one that is 100 times larger than legacy models.  

“We are redefining the television model of the past half century, delivering truth to media buyers and sellers who for decades were substantially removed from consumers and could only understand them through very small, offline panels. When consumers provide direct connectivity to the devices we use to consume video at scale, marketers can drive the kind of relevant, data-driven advertising they depend on from digital campaigns,” said Navin. 

“Our technology helps navigate today’s increasingly fragmented television landscape, improving the quality of the viewing experience, expanding access to free content and televisions subsidized by media while empowering consumers to control their data and manage their privacy when connecting with the content they love,” he said.

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