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Rachael Ray Furnishes New Set From Her Own Line

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After 10 years on the air, the team at Rachael Ray decided it was time to refresh its set. Conveniently, Ray herself is just releasing three new lines that she designed in collaboration with Legacy Classic Furniture.

Each line is inspired by New York itself—Soho, Upstate and Highline—and each one incorporates Ray’s own design instincts.

“She has a natural flair for design,” says Janet Annino, Rachael Ray executive producer. “When she designed her line of cookware, she designed an oval pasta pot because she said she was tired of using pots in which the spaghetti didn’t fit.

“This started out the same way. There’s a vanity in the bedroom set that has a secret drawer with plugs to recharge every device because she said she got tired of trying to hide the cords. When she designed a kitchen island, it had a built-in garbage bowl. She’s pretty clever about stuff like that.”

The set changes were mostly cosmetic. For example, they replaced the elevator with a small library nook with a ladder, and Ray personally chose the library’s books. The all-important kitchen area remains mostly the same, although the appliances have been changed out over the years. This year, Rachael Ray has a new integration deal with Frigidaire and the set will reflect that.

“The set really feels like a home and now, her home,” says Annino.