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PPI Releasing's 'Electric Playground' Specials Cleared in 80% of U.S.

PPI Releasing, distributor of the long-running The Electric Playground series, announced Tuesday that the quarterly Electric Playground Buying Guides have been cleared in over 80% of the U.S. for fall 2010, including in several of the Top 20 markets and stations from the Scripps, Belo and Hearst groups, among others.

The Buying Guides consist of four one-hour programs to air in November and December this year, followed by three more seasonal specials in Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2011.

PRI Releasing introduced the series in the U.S. as four quarterly Buying Guides beginning in Q4 2010 and will offer a weekend hour-long version in fall 2011, to be followed by a M-F strip in 2012.

"EP is the entertainment news magazine of tomorrow that's available today," said Ritch Colbert, a Principal of PPI Releasing. "We've put together an outstanding clearance list, a testament to The Electric Playground's unique fusion of highly engaging, daily television and an appealing environment for advertisers."

"Electric Playground is entertainment that speaks directly to our viewers," said Isaac Turner at KMSS in Shreveport. "EP creates the perfect platform for our advertisers, especially during key buying seasons year round."